79s style cord skirt
I swear, 70s trends are just made for Autumn. Boots, knits, rich colours, warm textures… It just feels right doesn’t it? I found this cord skirt back in August and knew I wanted to pretty much live in it this season. Which I am. The perfect retro piece, especially for £3.50 from Thrift Shop! Also, I’ve dug out this coat from the back of the cupboard again. It was bought by my dad for my mum in the mid 70s and I’m always a little too gleeful when it gets chilly enough to wear it again.I love the shape and the wide bell sleeves, plus it feels pretty much like wearing a blanket all day! I really need to raid my mum’s loft again sometimes soon… There’s nothing like proper vintage daaahling!

vintage 70s wool coat
dip dye curly hair
70s cord button up a line skirt
over the knee suede boots and cord mini skirt
wearing – skirt: Thrift Shop Manchester; Boots and Polo neck: Old; Bag: eBay’ Coat: Vintage

Who else is happily on the 70s bandwagon? I feel like it is everywhere right now and I am pretty happy about that!