weekend mornings in bed
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As little as possible! Busy days at work (along with a sometimes ridiculously long commute) mean that I’m really enjoying my downtime. Quiet evenings with the husband and weekend mornings pottering around the Northern Quarter, it is nice to spend some time doing not very much! Time is whizzing by and it is nice to just have some quiet moments.
Adele! Harry Potter! James Bond! All the exciting news and releases about three of my favourite things have come out and I’m more than a little excited. Adele has been on repeat whilst I’ve signed up for early release tickets for Cursed Child and read the Bond promo interview news. I think if I mention any of these one more time at home, Harry may leave me!
Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir. This is probably my all time favourite scent but it is especially good during autumn. Just deep and smokey enough.
Of that cottage still! I’ve put in my holiday days at work so now we just need to find somewhere to go! Bring on proect cosy Christmas!

Links of the Week:
Amber’s post about making friends as an adult really hit home. Having now moved to a new place twice since graduating, I’ve always been surprised at how hard it can be to meet people and settle in.It is a totally different world from school and university where you find yourself with friends without even thinking. In my first job down south. all my colleagues were much older than me and finding people my own age to hang out with was just so hard- where do you even meet people? Blogging has been such a saviour for me in that sense- in Brighton I met such an amazing group of women that I am so glad to still call friends, and now the same is true in Manchester. What did people do without the internet?

Talking about friends, one of my oldest friends, Lola, has headed off to Lagos for some new adventures and exciting career changes. We spent last weekend together but I am totally gutted to have to say goodbye for a while. I’m going to miss her like crazy over the next year. Keep up with all her news on her blog, but tell her to come back please, very soon!

I don’t have Netflix (shock, horror!) might I will have to succumb if there is a Gilmore Girls revival. To be honest, just the fact they have all 7 seasons on there already might be enough of a reason… I fell like Gilmore Girls is just the BEST programme to watch on wintery evenings with a big old mug of hot chocolate.

Skye’s wedding photos made my heart feel so full! There are so many beautiful touches and the two of them look so happy.If you have a browse through her blog, you’ll be able to read mroe about some of the amazing DIYs she did too. Go! Go wish her all the congratulations!

I always love a hanging planter DIY and this one is no exception! If only I actually had enough wall space to hang all of the plants…

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Happy Sunday everyone! How has your week been?