styling a black rucksack
Sometimes you just strike lucky. I ended up wandering into a charity shop the other week for no real reason and, magically, both this chunky knit and this rucksack were just sitting there. £10.00 later, they were all mine and have taken up regular rotation in my Autumn wardrobe. I think I have now completed my handbag trilogy- a tote, a bucket bag and a rucksack. What more could you need? Anyway, I did what everyone does with new purchases and of course wore them both at once! Who knows, maybe this is me branching out into a colour that isn’t black. Maybe…
autumn chunky knit
getting cosy in a chunky knit
chunky knitwear and black leather rucksack street style look
Wearing- jeans: ASOS via eBay; Boots: Cheap Monday via eBay; Chunky knit and rucksack: Charity Shop.