Lookfantastic Beauty Box Limited Edition Gold and white

{photo from my set up at today’s event}
Doing: Goodness me! How is it Sunday again? And Sunday evening at that!? It feels like I haven’t stopped this week. I had so many plans to blog, and I’ve got folders of pictures to edit and talk about, and somehow it just hasn’t happened this week. Commuting this week hasn’t been great with a couple of 2 hour journeys thanks to traffic, getting home at 8 so I’m hoping this week is a little better. I’m enjoying being busy though, and work is exciting! Today I was at #TheCityGirls event in Manchester on behalf of Lookfantastic, showing off our Beauty Box, and I had forgotten how much I lovedoing pretty displays and talking to lovely bloggers! Busy week, busy weekend, but both good ones.

Loving: The Lookfantastic Beauty Boxes! Total work plug but they are just darn pretty right now. The three special edition ones leading up to Christmas have totally stolen my heart- white and gold, filled with gorgeous products? I coo everytime I see the boxes on my dressing table! We’ve also got some really exciting plans for the Beauty Box over the next year and I’m really excited to be involved with it all. 

Wearing: Over the Knee boots, all day, everyday. They just go with everything! Chunky knit dresses, leather trousers, 70s mini skirts, you name it and a pair of over the knee boots works with it! I think I need to hunt for a second pair because I’m fairly sure I’m going to wear through my old pair soon… 

Daydreaming: Of nothing much at all. Things being busy has meant I haven’t had much time for a good old daydream. I’m beginning to feel very excited though, as my mama and sister are coming to visit for my Birthday weekend- the first time they’ve been to Manchester in over a year! I can’t wait to show them around in a couple of weeks! 

Links of the Week:

These words. You know when you read something and your heart breaks a little with the beauty of it. This is one of those. 

Jack Monroe is usually know for recipes and food, but the way they have written about gender and identity here was really eye opening. It reminded me to be sure not to pigeon hole people, to fight against my own instinct to determine and define what and who people are. To be that little bit more thoughtful in how I relate to others. The guide at the bottom is particularly great.
We all know the world of fashion has become fast and brutal, but it is really interesting to see how this is starting to impact on even high fashion ateliers. Our demand for new is so relentless. Do you think it will ever really slow down again?