Birthday cake blowing out hte candles
{Because you’re never too old for your mama to make you a giant chocolate covered birthday cake!}
Doing: A big old clear out. We’re going to be moving in early December -a bit of an unexpected move but a place came up that we would have been silly to let go, and the whole leaking roof situation is making our little Northern Quarter flat pretty joyless right now. So we’re moving to the other side of town, closer to work for both of us and to much more space. I’m sad to be leaving our neighbourhood behind but oh so excited to make a home with room for us to breathe. I always hate lugging useless crap around so I’m getting started on clearing out the things we’ve gathered that are just crowding into our space instead of adding anything to it. New place, fresh start!

Loving: My family. Last weekend I had my mum, my sister and her boyfriend visit us for my birthday weekend. I might be 27 now but there is still nothing like having your mum bake your a cake and having your favourite people sing you happy birthday!

Wearing: All of my birthday presents! I got some absolute corkers from my sister, in laws and my husband that I have been wearing pretty much every day since last Saturday! Especially now the weather has turned distinctly chilly. I can guarantee you’ll be seeing them soon!

Daydreaming: Of all the new flat decoration. It is totally unfurnished so even thought have have all the important bits already (bed, sofa…) we’re going to have a lot more space to fill up. From a teeny one bed to a decent size two bed! In our current place we literally cannot fit one single extra piece of furniture and it is torture that the markets always have such gorgeous chairs and tables and shelve that I haven’t been able to buy. Bring on the vintage furniture hunting!

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