curling up with a book and a cup of tea
{Pretty much the perfect way to spend a Sunday Evening. Source unknown}
It is that time of the week again! I am always actually surprised by how much I enjoy looking back and mulling over my week. I never know how much anyone else enjoys reading it but I find it a lovely way to spend half an hour or so on a Sunday so here we go
Doing: Work. And then some more work. Unless you’ve been under a rock I’m sure you’ve noticed Black Friday and we have been prepping and working since Thursday morning to make sure it all went to plan! Lots of cups of coffee and lots of team work has made it a pretty good weekend despite the long hours though and I’m going to say #LFBlackFriday was a success! Just Cyber Monday to go now – yup, the Lookfantastic Black Friday deals are on until tomorrow night!
Loving: A little bit of shopping! I’m nearly totally done with my Christmas shopping, and I managed to snap up some new clothes on Friday that I can’t WAIT to arrive! It has felt like forever since I bought new clothes rather than second hand and I’m hoping my new ethical discovery lives up to expectations..!
Wearing: All the moisturiser. It is that time of the year where my face and hands just absorb moisture like a sponge and I’m going through gallons of the stuff. This Embyrolisse Creme Fluide is still my fave body cream right now.
Daydreaming: Of some rest. This last month has involved busy weekends with work and family, plus some dreadful sleep thanks to the velux window over our bed leaking lots (moving your mattress into the living room at 4 in the morning is not the one) and a new set of noisy negihbours moving in… We’ve also got to pack up our current flat and move into the new one in a couple of weeks so it is going to keep being busy… Roll on Christmas in the countryside! I feel there are going to be a lot of fireside naps!

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I hope you have a lovely Sunday night! I’m going to jump in the bath and enjoy a little pamper now!