Oh I am so not ready to say goodbye to Christmas. I feel like I barely had the chance to get all festive before it turned unacceptable to still be eating mince pies and sitting in your pyjamas. So before it turns 2016 and I am officially not allowed to be stuck in Christmas land, I thought I’d share a little rundown of my festive favourites from the last week or so.

Hobbycraft DIY Advent Calendar
Christmas Breakfast
Lookfantastic December Beauty Box

1. Getting Crafty

I always feel like Christmas is the best time to get making things, mainly because you are totally justified in using all of the glitter. This year I made Charis a DIY advent calendar which I covered in all the white and gold sparkles I could find from Hobbycraft. He really appreciated the colour choices… More importantly though, did you know that there is such a thing as glitter duct tape?

2. All of the pies

Mince pies specifically. And pigs in bankets, And roast potatoes. And cheese. And Bucks Fizz. And, and, and… The list of Christmas food I love could go on forever. I have been taking full advantage of the epic Christmas shop we did on the 23rd. You’re going to have to roll me into 2016 guys… But really, seeing as this year was my first ever year cooking Christmas dinner, I think I deserved it! What is Christmas without all the food anyway? I still missed my mum’s red cabbage though…

3. Getting away from it all

This year Christmas was just me and my husband, in a cosy Welsh cottage. We wanted to spend our first married Christmas just the two of us and it ended up REALLY being just the two of us because we had no wifi, no 3G and absolutely no signal! I don’t think I have been totally away from the internet, social media and emails for more than 24 hours in years (even when we had no electricity I got internet!) and actually, it was really good. We spent a whole ton of time putting the world to rights, laughing and watching films in front of the log fire. It was only 3 days, but our little break away from it all has left me feeling so fresh and happy after a very hectic couple of months.

4. Pamper time

What is Christmas without a little bit of party prep? I loved putting on the glitz a little for our work Christmas do the other week and I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy playing about with beauty products. I’ve been in a bit of a make up rut recently, just doing the bare minimum before running out the door for work. But at Christmas you can totally justify going a little over the top. Red lips, glittery eye liner, sparkly manicures, fake tan; it’s all been going on and I have had so much fun! I even used the lashes from the Lookfantastic December Beauty Box without glueing my eyelids together!

5. Christmas Presents

I really love giving Christmas presents. I love the whole process of thinking what people might like, hunting down the perfect gift and then wrapping it all up in the prettiest way I can think of. One of the things I actually really missed seeing my family open up their presents this year- usually even when I’ve been out with my husband’s family in Cyprus for Christmas I’ve had a good old Skype session with my folks. That said, I felt like the most organised Christmas Elf ever parcelling up and posting all their goodies this year! I also find myself feeling very humbled and lucky every year for all the efforts my loved ones go to when I open my presents each year. Their thoughtfulness makes every single thing feel so special.

So, another Christmas has flown by but it has been a good one. How was yours? Send me your posts and tell me everything you’ve done- I’ve still got a lot of catching up to do after those 3 internetless days!