“Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions, looking to the future and the past”

New Year Goals
I’ve always loved the duality of January. I love the time of reflection. It always feels good to realise what has been accomplished, to say goodbye to the things that didn’t work out and appreciate what to take forward. I love the anticipation of planning out a new year, seeing what potential it holds and the optimism of moving forward.

So, along with everyone else and their dog, I thought I’d put together a post with my favourite parts of 2015 as well as my hopes for 2016.


2015 was a total whirlwind. I still can’t quite get my head around how fast it went, and how much went on. It was a special year full of change and growth for me. I have felt pretty lucky all year, which is a real luxury to be able to say.

I got a new job in January, and then another in September. I feel like I am finally finding my feet and moving forward in my career, which is a really good feeling.

I spent the first 4 months of 2015 sewing my wedding dress. Many, many nights of sewing and cutting and adjusting that nearly drove me insane.

We started exploring the North a little more, including a freezing trip to the Lakes, which I loved. I miss the countryside and I don’t know if there is anywhere more beautiful than the Lake District.

Then, we got married! This husband of mine makes me feel so incredibly happy. It might be cheesy but it is true and I feel incredibly lucky that our paths crossed.

One of the hardest bits of 2015 was having to make the decision to say goodbye to little Otis. I still think of him all the time, especially now we’ve moved to a bigger flat and I wonder whether he would have been OK here. The only good thing is that he has been adopted by a family with a big house and reading all about how well he had settled made me cry a mix of happy and sad tears. I know we did the right thing for him but gosh I miss having a cat.

Honeymoon, baby. Choosing where to go on Honeymoon was truly one of the most stressful parts of the wedding planning. So many options and so much fear of making the wrong decision because it is all meant to be so ~memorable~ but our fortnight in Sicily was just the best

I’ve now stuck to my ethical fashion pledge since April 2014, which I am actually pretty proud of. It now feels pretty natural and I’ve found some brilliant brands whilst hunting down ethical alternatives.

After 18 months of living in our teeny tiny Northern Quarter flat, we moved into a bigger place near Castlefield just before Christmas. It is a change but a good place to call home, just in time for the New Year.


Things are already looking exciting for 2016. with lots of plans already underway. My focus for this year is balance. Last year everything flew by in such a whirlwind and now I feel like this year is going to give me time to catch up with everything. Rather than a year full of change and transition, I want this one to be slower, a year where I can refine things and feel like I am building a solid foundation.

I want to find time for friends and family. I am so glad our new flat has space for guests and we already have visits from our parents booked in for January and February! Being so far from both our families can be tough so having room to actually have them stay is quite a luxury.

I need to get moving. Now I am more settled into my new job and the commute, it is time to start doing some regular exercise each day. My knees need it! A little each day I know will make a world of difference.

I generally feel I need to work out how to use my time the most effectively. I leave at 7.30 am and get home at 7.30 pm, 5 days a week now and I have felt a little overwhelmed with how much I want to fit into my downtime. If I can get better at doing things when they need to be done and planning ahead a little, then hopefully I’ll get all the things I want underway. More blog posts, better diet, more creativity, more getting outside, but also I need time spent being lazy and relaxing every so often. Balance.

In terms of things I am looking forward to in 2016, I was bought tickets to see Adele in March by my husband and I can’t WAIT for that with my sister. I’ve also booked tickets to Iceland in October so I’m going to be hunting down fun things to do and great places to stay- we’ve wanted to go there for ages! I’m excited to see where my job goes this year and to feeling settled in Manchester. We’re starting to get roots here and it feels good. It is like I am finally actually in my adult life rather than just preparing for it, which is very satisfying.

SO, that was one of the wordiest posts ever, kudos if you made it through!

If you did, then I want to ask for your help- this year I want to treat this space with a little more love and I’d really like to know what you think of it. Which kinds of posts do you like? What would you rather I changed? What do you think I can do to make it better? Any thoughts would be SO gratefully received. A tweet, a comment, an email, anything at all would be amazing. Thank you so much for reading along this last year, here’s hoping 2016 brings you all the joy and happiness