Nobodys child longline knit

Are you one of those people that likes to wear all of your new things at once? Yep, me too. With Birthday, Christmas, Black Friday sales and a cheeky voucher as a well done from work, my wardrobe has had a real boost over the last couple of months so I thought it was about time I shared some of it on the blog. So, of course I am wearing all of the new things, all together!

After wearing all the new things, I have just a few important thoughts:
I am so grateful this scarf isn’t black. That way I feel justified in wearing more black everywhere else on my body.
This jumper is such a favourite already that I am considering buying a spare for when it wears out because I don’t think I can live a life without it.
Why is it that tiny cross body bags are utterly irresistible? So cute, so useless (I can’t even fit my purse in it, I have to decant my card and coins to just float around in the bottom)
I think I have discovered the only footwear suitable for dealing with the incessant rain: shiny, patent boots. Just need to rinse the mud off now…

Four deep and groundbreaking thoughts, I know! What do you think of these new bits and pieces of mine?

Senso boots from Coggles
Winter outfit black and burgundy
Karl Largerfeld Bag
black and burgundy outfit
Wearing – Jeans: Charity shop; Senso Ankle Boots and Karl Lagerfeld bag: Coggles; Longline knit: Nobody’s Child; Scarf: Gift.