5 Top Blogs
On rainy weekends like these, there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa, in your slippers and a cosy jumper, and having a good old blog read. I’m always intrigued by which blogs other people love, and I can’t be the only one, can I? So, why not share some of my all time favourite blogs. Light your candles, make a cup of tea and settle in for a read, why don’t you?

5 Blogs I Love to Read

1. The Frugality

The outfits, The interiors. The photography. It is just love. Alexandra Steadman has that kind of effortless, slightly tomboyish cool that I can only ever aspire to. I read her blog, and weep. I covet 100% of her wardrobe and blame her for at least 60% of my current purchases!
Read it for: Scandinavian interiors and fashion inspiration

2. Into The Gloss

The ultimate beauty site. This is one of those that I can open, start reading and then emerge, blinking, after going many posts deep. They have articles on new trends, new topics and then a whole ton of interviews with amazing women. I love that they offer something a little different, with in depth, long articles, and posts that demand engagement and debate. One of the few places on the internet where I suggest you actually read the comments.
Read it for: The lowdown on all things Beauty and girl crushes.

3, Fall for DIY

I don’t know how Fran continues to consistently come up with such gorgeous posts. Every single project she does looks amazing and I just want to make them all. She has got that fun yet minimal aesthetic that I adore and with each post, I tend to find something else I would happily adorn my home with. Reading her blog just inspires me to get creative and making things.
Read it for: Step by Step tutorials and amazing product styling.

4. Carrie Brighton

Carrie is one of the Brighton Bloggers that I love. I miss coffee dates with this gal, but luckily I still get to catch up with her blog. Carrie has some photography skillllz and every post just looks so damn lovely. I also get major pangs of homesickness every time she does a little feature around Brighton. Photos of the sea and some of my favourite old haunts kill me every time!

Read it for: All things Brighton and beautiful photos.

5. Sara Luxe

Sara is basically the kind of girl I wish I could be. She is like a modern Stevie Nicks, with messy blonde hair and amazing black wardrobe. It is no surprise that this girl is a stylist in her everyday life because she has just got it. She plays with textures, layers and proportions in ways I would never think of! Genuinely, it is amazing.
Read it for: a little bit of rock and roll and a lot of styling inspiration.