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Snapchatting. I am suitably behind the times but I have finally worked out how to use it and I have to admit. It is fun. A less perfect way to share things and thoughts, It feels nice to have a bit more spontaneity in  our world of styled shots and perfect filters. Come make friends with me! @lauracandc

All of my internet pals. With yesterday being #InternetFriendsDay and today being Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but feel all the love for the effing great people I’ve managed to stumble across thanks to blogging. From the ones I chat to about all things Harry Potter and Politics on twitter, to the ones that have become real life everyday friends, I am so grateful for how much wider my world is with them in it.

Eyeshadow/. I’m usually a simple eyeliner gal but I have swapped out the cat eye flicks for smoky eyes recently. It just feels good to change it up a little bit and finally get some good use out of some of my palettes!

Of sunshine. It is that time of year where I start desperately craving warm sun on my limbs and I made the massive mistake of looking back through our honeymoon photos. Take me back to Sicily!

Links of the Week:
Before going into the light and fuzzy stuff, I have to talk about this. If you follow me on twitter you’ll know that I feel really strongly about the situation with Junior Doctors. The simple answer to it is that the contract the Government is trying to impose is not safe and it is not fair. My sister is a Junior Doctor, as is my cousin, as are some of my friends. I know the gruelling work they do and I know this is not about just money, it is about staff being unsupported and pushed to their limits. The changes will make an already very difficult job impossible.
If it goes ahead, it will affect each and every one of us. Without our Junior Doctors, the NHS cannot function. Without the NHS, many of us cannot function. The NHS is not perfect, but it is incredible. If you feel the same at all, take a moment to sign the petition to let Parliament know that the Tories cannot keep enforcing huge political changes against the will of the general public. If we want to keep our NHS, we’re going to have to fight for it.

And now back to the light and fuzzies.
Seeing as it is Valentine’s Day, I had to include something soppy. And what is soppier than love advice from people who have been married for decades?

Love this article. Let’s stop the mean mugging in selfies and just smile dammit. I’m a major fan of the cheesy grin (even if that is mainly because I totally can’t get away with the cool and mysterious look…)

Would you actually want to be a full time blogger? I think I’m with Jasmine on this one, I like my job and I like having the option for career progression and stability and all those boring things. Do we always need to be aiming for a big break in blogging?

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