Too much. This week was a tough one, starting with an unexpected 500 mile round trip on Monday to support my family at a difficult moment, and ending with the (slightly manic) completion of a two month long project at work. A quiet weekend was so called for and I’ve been out like a light by 10pm the last two nights. Fingers crossed the next few weeks are slightly slower paced because this gal needs some nap time.


Lots of greenery. My mum came up with a another plant for me, and my friend gave me one the week before, so in addition to the myriad of cacti and succulents we already had, the whole place is filled with plants right now and I love it. Makes it feel like spring, even with the ice on the car in the mornings.


Balance Me Congested Skin Serum. Balance Me did a training day with us at work a few weeks ago and did a skin screening on us. As expected I suffer with congestion and sensitivity (what a combo!) and they suggested this stuff. After a few weeks of using it, it is love. It reduced oiliness, my blackheads are calming and it soothes any spots within a day. All without stripping my sensitive skin. If you have difficult skin like me, I definitely recommend trying it out. 


Of adventures. I have slightly itchy feet right now (always do this time of year) and I have found myself thinking about what trips I can go on, and places I could be. We have flights to Iceland in October, and I’m heading out to our French wreck with my mum and sister soon, so there are things in the works. I might just need to get some sunshine in there somewhere too! 

Links of the Week:

I haven’t had time to catch up with much this week but a few things have still caught my eye.

London Fashion Week has just ended and I’m loving the street style. Always my favourite part of most fashion weeks!

I discovered this store called Att Pynta on twitter, and I am obsessed. The land of Scandi Homeware dreams. Can I just have ALL of it transferred to my house please? The owners also have a blog. That’s my Sunday afternoon sorted!

Why is it we’re still so freaked out by going and doing things on our own? This article is really interesting to me. As I’m married, people often assume that I spend all my time with my husband. But sometimes nothing is better than spending a day totally alone. Shopping, getting coffee, going round my favourite Art Galleries… Sometimes it is so good for the soul to just be with yourself.

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