Black Denim DungareesDungarees are my new favourite thing. After years of thinking I was altogether too short and lumpy for dungarees but massively admiring them on everyone else, I finally took the plunge. I stalked these on eBay and fell totally in love as soon as I put them on. I have worn them with thick knits, thin knits, t-shirts and, of course, stripes and every way has left me much happier than I should be when wearing an item of clothing I last wore when I was 5. I am now having to ration how many times a week I wear them or my colleagues will start questioning if I ever wash my clothes…
My tips for other dungaree newbies? Black denim is eternally most flattering, don’t fret about a cropped ankle and definitely size up. Plus, stripes underneath are always a good idea.
Dungarees and Polo Neck
Salford Quays in the Sunshine
Wearing- Dungarees: Topshop via eBay; Poloneck and Camel Coat: Charity Shop; Boots: SENSO via Coggles