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Some last minute prepping. It has suddenly caught up with me that I’m heading out to France with my mum and sister THIS Friday. I need to pack and sort my life out, including boring things like getting EU recovery cover for my car… We’re going out to try and do some work on the house so fingers crossed the sunshine sticks around. I want a sunny Easter break!


Spring. It is officially the first day of Spring today and it actually feels like it. The lighter mornings and evenings, spotting lambs in the field, blossom and leaves popping open on the trees… What is it about this time of year that makes your feel so energised? I love it.


No surprises here… Dungas, dungas, dungas. I want to wear them all the time! I think I need to buy a second pair.


Of a wardrobe refresh. I always get a bit fed up of my clothes when the seasons change and I want all of the new things, but I can’t justify the expense right now. I may have to do a little eBaying so I can do some swaps!

Links of the Week:

I know we’re nowhere near the Oscars anymore but I’m still cheering over Jenny Beavan being badass and ignoring all the usual conventions for women at award ceremonies. Love her outlook.

I am definitely susceptible to trends but the older I get the more drawn I am to having a personal aesthetic. Loved reading women talk about their style ‘thing’… got me wondering what mine might be?

You can tell I’ve been reading the style blogs recently. Love these tips for nailing the smart-casual style– AKA what I need to be doing for work each day. Gimme all the fancy accessories.

Drake on Cake is my new favourite instagram account. Drake lyrics + cake + gorgeous styling = perfection. This is the shit social media was made for!

I have spent all week drooling over the Glossier makeup. I truly think I could give a home to every single one of their products and the makeup is killing it. Dewy clear skin, stained lips and brushed out brows. So fricking perfect. When are they going to be available in the UK, dammit!

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