boat sailing in the english channel

{Photo from a quick trip down to Brighton earlier this month.}

A bit too much. Life has been really busy recently and April has been manic. I realised that I have had 1 day at home this month. It has been because I’m doing great things, like big catchups with my family, travelling, projects at work and our trip out to France, but it has been tough. I haven’t had much time for friends or my husband, or blogging and I’ve had a cold that has lingered all month but things are quieting down now. One thing is for sure- this weekend is all about the downtime!

My job. It is a big part of why I am so busy (commuting an hour either side of a 9 hour day) but it is really good right now. I’ve got my teeth into projects, I just got a promotion and I had the chance to go to Barcelona for 4 days with work. It is exciting and feels so full of opportunities. It has taken me a long time to get to a point where I feel like I’m actually in a career, with a future, and finally stuff feels like it is all coming together. Am I a grown up now?

Nothing of note. I feel like I hate my wardrobe right now. I am sick to death of all of my knitwear, which is too warm in the office now, but it is still so damn cold that nothing new works and I’m in a grump. I feel in a total rut with it all and like the worst frumpy mess clothing wise. Please can Summer come? I want light layers and summer dresses.

Of warmth and sunshine. Barcelona reminded me how good you feel with sun on your skin and blue skies overhead. Seeing as I am currently curled up with a blanket and slippers whilst it sleets outside, it isn’t a surprise I’m craving the heat!

Links of the Week:

My number one link has to be this one. My sister was on TV talking about why she was striking about the Junior Doctor Contract that Hunt is trying to force through. I am so proud of my sister, for all the hard work she has done over the years, for how much she cares about how job and her patients.
Having seen how much of her life her job has taken up, I am horrified by how much more this contract asks of people. I know how impossible it would be for these medics to stretch themselves any further when they already work their lives around their jobs. It is emotionally and physically exhausting and they deserve better. The NHS won’t survive without them, so if you can, show your support and show Jeremy Hunt that he cannot do this.

The Vogue at 100 campaign is everything right now! I totally adore the Harvey Nichols collaboration with a 100 year old model, Bo Gilbert. I challenge you to watch this video and not fall in love!

One of my friends from Brighton, Carrie has just launched a new adventure at One Pleasant Day. I remember us having a chat about photography and inspiration and blogging and creativity over coffee on a windy day in Kemp Town and it is so exciting to see people you know develop and start new challenges. I am already planning on buying some of her prints, to bring a little East Sussex into our Manchester home, but if you can, go across, say hello and give her some love!

I think it might be obvious that the last year or so have been full of change and transition for me. I finally feel like life is settling into a clear path after a long while of feeling somewhat at sea. No surprise that Coco Tea Party’s ‘5 Things I Learned in My Early 20s‘ hit home!

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