Prepping like mad. I’m off to Cyprus for 10 days on Thursday and I’m so excited for sunshine and time with family but it means covering for almost 2 weeks of work in advance, so lots and lots of busy writing days have been going on! It will make the break all the sweeter though, once it’s done.
My new gel manicure. I always feel so much better with a manicure but my psoriasis has been flaring up in my nails and it doesn’t react well with most polishes so I’ve been bare nailed for months. Gel manis usually help so I took the plunge and headed to Only Fingers And Toes in Harvey Nichols for a bit of a preen. It feels so much better and I’m so happy to have it all ready for my holiday.
All of my winter clothes, still… This weekend has been miserable! It is so awkward finding clothes that work with soaking rain and wind while it is still warm… Not a day for espadrilles, that’s for sure.
Of adventures. We’re off to Cyprus this week, we have a trip to Iceland booked for October and just booked tickets for a break in Berlin next Spring. It is fun planning out all these little trips, discovering new places. I’m spending far too long on pinterest and google, hunting down the best spots to explore.
Links of the Week: 
This sums up the struggles that I have with ethical decisions. OK so I try to shop ethically, but I’m not vegan. I try to recycle but I’m still shit at turning the tap off while I brush my teeth. Is it even possible to do everything right?
Scarphelia is always the one for beautiful writing but this piece really hit home. How can you just be yourself when you don’t know what that is?
I’ve been eyeing up the planters on Att Pynta for a while so I loved this piece on how they’re made. I love knowing the stories behind things I buy.
With all the hideous new at the moment, I’ve been trying to take moments to enjoy silliness and smile. Look at this photoshoot and I dare you to not smile.

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How has your week been? Let me know what you’ve been up to