nobody's child culotte jumpsuit

Oh it has been a while hasn’t it? What with being away in Cyprus, the nightmare ofBrexit and the shitstorm of bad news that has followed it, I really haven;t been in the headspace for blogging… As I said on twitter, I either seem to have all the words floating around but no photos or all the photos to taken and no words to string together… So, I’m going to try again to put together both words and photos and see what we can do here.

These last few months I’ve been trying new things. New places, being around new people, doing new stuff and trying on new silhouettes. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut and I’ve definitely felt a little like that this year so I’ve been trying to say ‘why not’ a little more. So, here is me, wearing culottes for the first time since I was in the Brownies and actually loving it!

summer loose floaty jumpsuit
Relaxed summer hair and makeup
Culottes and espadrilles
Summertime staple outfit

Wearing- Jumpsuit: Nobody’s Child; Espadrilles; Soludos via Coggles (currently on sale!)

I bought pretty much all of my holiday wardrobe from Nobody’s Child but this jumpsuit has wormed its way into my everyday wardrobe with the help of a lightweight jumper. I love it too much to relegate it to only 20C+ days (there haven’t been many since I got home..) The fit is perfect, I love the length and the pattern adds just the right amount of jazz to my usual black. It is love.

Seeing as it feels forever, fill me in on how you’re been doing? How has Summer been treating you?