Nobody's Child Culottes

Workwear is wierd isn’t it? It never feels as fun as normal clothes and yet it is what I spend the vast majority of my days in. I think I’m finally heading towards being an adult, because I’m finally beginning to truly invest in my work wardrobe and accept it is really my main wardrobe

 I work in a fairly relaxed office but still, wearing things that are smart but have some personality makes me feel a little bit more confident and capable. It all feels a little more serious than my usal style but I think I’m finding a balance.

Culottes are my favourite right now thanks to how damn comfortable they are whilst looking smart and way less dull than plain black trousers. Somehow these even make wearing a cropped strip top acceptable! Jumpsuits and midi skirts have also become regular must-haves. Even if the dungarees still creep in on Fridays!

Do you have any workwear style staples? Fill me in!
Work Wear Culottes
Culottes and stripes
Wearing- Jacket Topshop; Stripe Top and Culottes: Nobody’s Child; Shoes: Topshop via eBay