A snap from one of our walks along the river near our flat. Pretty evening light.

It has been an age since I’ve done a little catchup and I do miss it. They’re a nice way of just quickly documenting my thoughts and feelings so seeing as I have a quiet Sunday morning for the first time in a good while, I’m getting back into it. Happy Sunday!

Some catching up. It feels like life has got away from me recently with being so busy. This weekend has been really chilled and I’ve spent it catching up on all the blogs and videos in my sub boxes, catching up with housework and catching up with friends. It feels good.

The little bit of extra sunshine that has been around this week. I’m not entirely ready for Autumn but the Indian Summer is easing me into it. Here’s hoping we get in some good country walks with crunchy leaves and hazy sunshine…

Jeans and Culottes. I’m not feeling my best physically right now after a month or two of rubbish eating and not enough movement, but those two staples are keeping me feeling slightly put together at least.

Of lots of adventures! We’re heading to Iceland for my birthday in November, my family has booked a cottage in Wales for Christmas and we’ve also booked tickets for Berlin in February. So many itineraries to plan! I’m really excited for all of it and they’re so nicely spaced out that there is always something to look forward to.

Links of the Week:
I want pretty much every outfit featured in the Elle team’s Fashion Week Wardrobe post.

I am really loving the content on Man Repeller right now. The perfect mix of frivolous and joyful with educated and insightful. This week their Marc Jacobs piece sums things up perfectly; the joy of the colours, clothes and looks at the show, soured with total disappointment at the lack of thought behind their consideration of dreads and their history.

The same with The Pool. I love that there are online spaces that allow interest and pleasure is all sorts of things, that allow you to inform yourself and find a community of people who want the same as you. I’ve been dipping in and out of these alot recently.

I might not be ready for Autumn but Carrie’s instagram feed is definitely doing its best to convince me!

I had a voucher from work so I bought myself some patent Doc Marten shoes and I’m in love! I just need to try and break them in… Wish me luck! I have a feeling the blisters will be intense.

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