2017 New Year;s Goals and Resolutions

I am one of those people that loves when a new year arrives. It feels good to take a moment to reflect and a moment to plan. To me, it always feels like a fresh slate.

2016 has been a weird year. I’ve found it very tough psychologically, with the news being truly heartbreaking, and personally, it has been a little strange too. After a year like 2015, where I got a new job, I got married, I moved flat and found a whole load of new friends, 2016 has felt a little anticlimactic.

I started 2016 knowing that it would be a year of quiet growth. I knew that instead of all the big milestones, it would be about patiently building for the next steps.

So that means it has been about taking time to learn and grow in my career, about putting away those savings regularly and about trying to find a balance between all the parts of my life that are important to me, all without the nice bright and shiny tick list of achievements. Despite that though, I’m coming away from 2016 with a really strong sense of what I want for 2017 and a foundation for making the good shit happen.

Goals for 2017

For 2017, my main goal is consistency. I want it to be a year of getting good habits and doing good, soul nourishing things. To be honest, I think it will be another year of quieter moments and smaller milestones. In 2018 I will turn 30 and I have a lot of aspirations for that, so I know that 2017 is going to be working towards those more than anything else. But I have my steps for along the path:

1. Do Some Good

In 2016, the world felt huge and scary, full of horrible things I couldn’t help or control. I’ve seen a lot of people turning inwards, towards self care, but I’ve decided that isn’t right for me in 2017. I want to be active in trying to do what I can to make my world a little bit better; it is my way to try to make small, positive steps against all that scariness.

So, I’m setting myself the challenge of doing 1 charitable thing every month. There are more than enough worthy causes but I’m going to be donating, volunteering and fundraising every month. I’m spending today researching and deciding the plan for that, but it is going to happen. I’m especially interested in trying to help Manchester based charities, refugee organisations and homelessness, so if you have any suggestions, send them my way.

2. Enjoy this Space

I haven’t blogged much in 2016. There hasn’t been much time and I’ve often just not had the mental energy to put words with pictures, but I miss it.

Blogging has been an important creative outlet for me for a long time and I need that. I want to nurture that more and go back to where I started– sharing my journey with ethical fashion, experimenting with DIYs, sharing my thoughts, feelings and moments as I go.

It is easy to get caught up in the blogging trends and focus more on those goals rather than your own but seeing as my favourite blogs to read are those that share a little extra, that’s what I want to be again. First step is making it all a little easier so here’s to a move to wordpress and a new layout this month!

3. Nurture Relationships

Goodness me things have been busy in 2016. When you’re spending 12 hours a day either commuting or working, it is tough to find time for people and when you live over 300 miles from all your family, it is even harder. I have missed the support network and the joy of what other people add to my day to day.

In 2017 I’m determined to be a better friend, a better sister, a better daughter and a better wife. I have so many people in my life that I feel so grateful for and I don’t think I carve out enough time to show them that. Here’s to more friend dates, more texts and letters, more family time and more space for the people I love, and a lot less talking about work.

4. Health and Happiness

This is a big one for me this year. I’m still recovering from a month long cold that has left me feeling totally wiped, and in the last 2 years, I’ve put on over 2 stone. I eat badly, rarely find time for exercise and am generally exhausted physically and mentally. It has been easy to let the basic care be what slips during busy moments.


So, this year is about consistent good changes to my life. I say it year in, year out but I’m not getting any younger and life is too short not to feel my best. I want to say goodbye to that extra weight, feed myself well, get moving a little more everyday and find quiet space mentally each day. I know what I need to do, I’ve done it all before, but I just need to keep going with it


5. Ambitions

Work has been a whirlwind in 2016. I actually forget that in the space of this year, I’ve had a promotion, kicked the butt of some new, big projects and changed job title 3 times. I’ve had a lot to learn and I think one of the biggest lessons is that I am really fricking ambitious. It has driven me through some really hard weeks and that is because I want the next step, I want to do a good job, I want to keep challenging myself. This year I want to crack on with that and make it bigger and better. 


The same applies to getting savings every month. I’ve been doing this all 2016 but the aim is for a house in 2018, so this year needs to make it happen. Those big picture goals with promotions, mortgages and maybe eventually babies are on the horizon over the next 5 years and now is the time to hustle.

I could mention all the smaller things, like going travelling, playing with my camera, getting back on my sewing machine etc but really, the big picture is what matters. If I keep that in mind, I know all the other good things will work to. So here’s to a year of growth, consistency and learning. May 2017 be a little kinder and a little warmer for us all.

Are you a resolutions kind of person? I’ve been watching and reading all the posts I can find, because I find other people’s motivation one of my biggest inspirations. If you’ve shared yours, I’d love to know.