The Ordinary Skincare

I find it funny that despite the fact that I work in beauty and I literally write and think about beauty products all day, I still fall in love with new brands and products on the daily. It never gets old, and everyone knows it.

I already love a few DECIEM brands like NIOD so when I heard on the grapevine about The Ordinary, it was on my shopping list straight away. And clearly I’m easy to read because not 1 but 3 different people bought me bits of The Ordinary as presents at Christmas and so I’ve been trialling it ever since.

The Ordinary Skincare Review

If you haven’t heard of them, The Ordinary basically strips skincare back to key ingredients and then lets you layer them how you need, all for really affordable prices. These are some of the ones that I’ve been trying and loving.

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 –

Hydration is my number one thing, espeically in Winter. I always want my skin to feel fresh and plump and Hyaluronic Acid is basically one of the best ingredients around for that. This formula contains a range of different molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid, so that it can actually penetrate into the skin to hydrate.

I apply it both morning and evening before any oils or creams and I think I will be repurchasing this again and again. It feels like my skin is so well hydrated and the whole winter I haven’t had any issues with the dryness or tightness I can get from the cold and central heating.

Buffet –

At 28, I am definitely wanting to try and fight signs of ageing before they arrive and this is a really easy way for me to incorporate that into my routine without heading for expensive, and sometimes far too heavy, anti-ageing products.

This is a collagen boosting blend of peptides, that I apply as my first serum, focusing on areas like my forehead. It feels silky and lightweight on the skin and I have definitely noticed my skin looking fresher, smoother and tighter.

100% Pure Rosehip Oil –

I’ve wanted to use Rosehip Oil for an age but been put off by the cost. I have heard so many good things about it helping with pigmentation and scarring.

I put this on every evening after the other 2 serums and before my final facial oil, massaging into the skin. I have some pigmentation and some acne scars, and after a month of using, I’m definitely seeing marks fading and my skin looking more even.


I think The Ordinary has secured a solid place in my skincare routine. It isn’t fancy, it doesn’t always smell the nicest, but it feels good on the skin and it really works. I have noticed the texture and appearance of my skin massively improving and I don’t want to go without these 3 essentials now.

If you are all about the results and like to go a little technical with your skincare, then this is the brand to try. Plus, for the price, I don’t think you’ll find better.