It has been a while since I’ve been able to get on here; life has definitely got in the way! Let’s catch up.

Over in my house, things have been pretty busy over the last few weeks and I’m just getting settled back into a more normal routine again.

  • I had a haircut, after way too long.
  • I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.
  • I got a promotion at work, which has been both terrifying and really exciting to get started on.
  • I booked our flights and accommodation for our Cypriot wedding at the end of May. It’s almost time to do it all over again!
  • and I hung out with my sister for the first time since Christmas, when she and her boyfriend came up for Easter.

As well as all that, I also managed to squeeze in some more lunch dates with Clare, Rebecca and Kate. On that one ridiculously sunny weekend we had at the start of the month, we all caught up over gin and lunch, and took the chance to take a whole load of blogger cliche photos in front of the blossom. Who doesn’t want to show off some spring clothes in front of blossom?

Since then, the birkenstocks and the off the shoulder top haven’t seen the light of day again but here’s hoping the warm weather comes back to stay soon please. I want more weekends in the sunshine with pals please.

So, that has been my month. How about you? What have you been up to over the last month?

Wearing- dungarees: ASOS via Ebay; off the shoulder top: vintage; sandals: Birkenstock; bandana: ASOS