I love that straw bags have come back into style this Summer. Who doesn’t adore those classic images of Jane Birkin, pairing casual jeans and tees with the iconic straw basket bag she had? It just feels so effortless and fresh, aka the holy grail of style.

No surprise then that I couldn’t help myself when I saw this beauty in Grace Gordon’s Summer collection. After a couple of weeks of just looking at its beauty, I’ve finally taken it out on the town.

Wearing: Vintage Levis from COW Vintage, Tee from ASOS, Birkenstocks and Grace Gordon Straw Bag

Paired with vintage Levis (that might be incredibly unflattering but make me feel great), loose cotton tee and my trusty decade old Birks, this is my dream weekend summer outfit. I feel like I need to buy a bunch of flowers to casually lug about in this and then I’ve ticked all of the cliche blogger requirements!

What styles are you swearing by this Summer? What else do I need to add to my shopping list?