I said I would, so I did. Last  weekend I climbed a mountain! The third highest mountain in the UK for that matter, 1085ft and 17km of mountain to be precise!

Last Friday night, Rebecca, Sarah, Kate and I drove down to Wales to a lovely stone cottage, before waking up early to meet Terri at Pen-y-pass and start the climb.

It was a long climb up the Pyg Track but the views were absolutely incredible; We were blessed with beautiful sunshine instead of the forecasted rain, which was stupidly lucky. With various photo stops and snack breaks along the way, it was actually a lot easier than I was expecting, even with the scrambling.

It took us about 3 hours to reach the summit where we then queued like good polite Brits to get our obligatory top of a mountain selfies- Snowdon gets pretty crowded on a sunny day but it was amazing to actually get right up the top.

After lunch in the sun, wrapped up in our jackets at the top, we then made the trek down the Miner’s path. This has a steep scramble down before a much more gentle, winding path alongside the lakes.

I’m still feeling a little amazed that I’ve done it- actually set a date, done the training and done the hike. It feels like I’ve been hitting a lot of goals this year and this was a pretty big one; I’m so incredibly grateful to these babes for making the journey with me.

However, what I’m most proud of is that we’ve managed to raise over £250 so far for Refuge. If you want to celebrate with me, I’m keeping the fundraising page open for another week. Now, I just need to figure out my next goal!